Event Donations Rules/Receipt (Appendix F)

North Kingstown Arts Council (NKAC) “Pass the Hat Policy”

  1. When the NKAC provides funding for an event it is suggested that there will be either Ticket Sales or other donations (a free will offering) collected at the event on behalf of the NKAC. The donations may be collected by “passing the hat” or by having a receptacle prominently displayed at the entrance or exit of the event.
  2. The actual procedure for the event including exceptions is to be approved by the NKAC.
  3. To sell items at concessions during the event a “Permit for Sale at Retail” must be authorized and obtained by the Town of North Kingstown.
  4. All Ticket Sales or other donations collected on behalf of the NKAC will be returned to the North Kingstown Town Hall Recreation Department Secretary within 48 hours after the event with this completed NKAC Event Donations Receipt.


DATE SUBMITTED: __________________________________________________________

DONATION TOTAL: __________________________________________________________

EVENT NAME: ______________________________________________________________

EVENT DATE: _______________________________________________________________

SUBMITTED BY: (Please Print) ____________________________________________________

SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________________________

WITNESSED/RECEIVED BY: _____________________________________________________