Arts Council Liaison Duties


The purpose of having an Arts Council (AC) member serve as a liaison between the Arts Council and the Project Manager of each project is to:

  • Guide the Project Manager (applicant).
  • Ensure compliance with the AC / Town guidelines and standards.
  • Provide a means of communication between AC and Project Manager.

Liaison Assignment

  • Upon the Arts Council’s approval of  a Project Proposal (aka Funding Request – see Appendix A – Art Council Forms) the project will be assigned to a member of the Arts Council who will serve as a liaison to that project.
  • In some circumstances, an Arts Council member may serve a dual role as Liaison and Project Manager.
  • Every approved Project Proposal shall have an assigned Liaison.


Upon the Arts Council’s action on a Project Proposal, the assigned Liaison will contact the Project Manager to;

  • Introduce him/herself as the assigned Liaison.
  • Notify the applicant of the Arts Council’s action, and if necessary respond to questions or request additional information for the Council.
  • Inform the Project Manager of Administrative Requirements and provide assistance in these areas (see below).

Administrative Requirements

  • The Liaison will inform the Project Manager of all town requirements that are pertinent to the project. These requirements may be related to finances and/or  logistics (see checklist).
  • The Liaison will assist the Project Manager with completing and returning all required documents in a timely fashion. The Liaison will inform the Project Manager of all paperwork deadlines (See appendices).
  • The Liaison will work with the Project Manager, Publicity Coordinator and the Webmaster to ensure effective publicity efforts for the project. The group will pay particular attention to ensure that sponsoring parties receive appropriate recognition for the project.
  • Discuss collection of donations for AC, if applicable.
  • The Liaison will ensure that a Final Funding report is submitted to the Arts Council’s grant applications. This may include reporting on the outcome of a project that was previously included in a grant application or preparing information about ongoing or new programs to be submitted in future grant applications.

Liaison Project Checklist

_____ Submit the Project Proposal (Appendix A – NK Arts Council Forms) at least one and a half weeks before the AC meeting. To avoid project delays, please plan to submit the proposal for the meeting two months prior to your required approval date. In rare cases the AC has required more information, may not have a quorum, or a meeting may be cancelled.

_____ Notify the Project Manager of the AC’s action.

_____ Explain the role of the Liaison to the Project Manager.


_____ Review the Project Support Forms for artists and process (Appendix B).

_____ Review the Request for Funds Forms and process (Appendix C).

  • Receipts if Project Manager is to be reimbursed.
  • Handling of Sales Tax
  • Invoices to pay others

_____ Review sample Performance Contract for artists and process (Appendix D).

_____ Review W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and process (Appendix E).

_____ Review Donation Form and process (Appendix F).


_____ Check with the Recreation Department for any necessary Town permits.

_____ Check with the Recreation Department for the options and process to reserve space or special locations.

_____ Coordinate publicity with the Project Manager, Publicity Coordinator, and/or Webmaster, Ensure appropriate recognition for sponsoring parties.

_____ Submit Final Funding report (Appendix G) in a timely fashion; one and one half weeks prior to the next meeting following an event.