ArtVenture – Roberta Belanger

Roberta Belanger

Roberta Belanger grew up and lives in a historic old fishing village in New England.  It takes her five minutes to walk from her home to the big fishing dock where her father had been a commercial fisherman.  The famous fish market had been built and run by her Grandfather.  It still operates on a small dock next door to the big fishing dock.  Her Uncle had been a lobsterman. All in the family!  The big fishing dock is reserved for commercial fishing boats only so the fishing industry carries on.  She swam in the Bay every day as a child with her brother and two sisters.  The historic village has many vintage houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. Come and visit.  You just might meet Roberta “sitting on the dock by the Bay.”

(In her previous life, she started and directed the NK Community Chorus for 31 years.)

She was also a featured artist for ArtVenture in 2015 with her needlepoint creations!  She’s one talented lady!