ArtVenture – Julie Kennedy

Julie Kennedy

Please interact with this web, and leave it here for others to do the same.

For as far back as I can remember, I have felt an affinity toward spiders. When I asked myself where this came from, the only thing I came up with is having Charlotte’s Web read to me by my second grade teacher. I fell in love with Charlotte, and even came to appreciate, as the other characters in the book learn to do, Templeton, the rat. The story weaves together the heart and truth of a young girl with the care and compassion of the farmyard animal community working together in cooperation. Through their connection, they collaborate, and each makes a contribution.

That we are all interconnected–human, plant, those of fur, fin and feather, the six-legged, the eight-legged, the many-legged, stands without question, yet, sadly often goes without awareness, reflection or attention. In our society it is the littlest among us who is not given a voice or allowed their voice–our children and the tiny many-legged creatures. It is my hope that this web may be a reminder, just as we learn through the actions of the characters in Charlotte’s Web, of the worth and dignity of all that exists on this planet.

There are 3 webs out among trails in North Kingstown. Each one has a word meant as an invitation to reflect….How are these words, as evidenced by your thoughts, words and deeds, a part of your life in how you interact with yourself and others? Please share your thoughts, ideas, musings in one of the journals provided–write, doodle, draw, sketch. All ages welcome.

And, please, take some wire and add something to the web–weave in a strand. make a word or shape, whatever you may be inspired to add. Again, all ages encouraged to play.

Julie Kennedy artist (This entire web is made from the wire inside the thicker, green wire!)