ArtVenture 2021 (May 8 – 23rd)

Artventure combines the beauty of the natural world with art created by 20 local artists.  Art will be hidden on 8 NK trails from May 8-23.  Hikers may find art and they’ll be able to keep it! We will also have 3 interactive webs at the King/Benson Preserve, Calf Pasture Point,  and Academy Cove. This event is held in conjunction with ReDiscoverNK. We hope you’ll participate in this rewarding event!

The Trails:

1.) Bush Hill Nature Reserve, access on West Main St. by the Kitchen Outlet Store.  It is part of the Wickford Village walk.

2.) Cornelius Island – across from the end of Pleasant St.  Boat access only.  Art will be hidden around the perimeter as there are plenty of deer ticks inland.

3.) Calf Pasture Point and Bike Trails – Park at 325 Marine Rd., Davisville.  Art will be hidden along the bike trails and around Calf Pasture Point.  The entire trail is 4 miles. The bike trail portion ~ 2miles is handicapped accessible.

4.) King Preserve – 2203 Boston Neck Road, Saunderstown. (Just north of Casey Farm)    This is a 3.2 m trail on Nature Conservancy property.  The site of a former Girl Scout camp, the 161-acre property has hiking trails and leads to a small beach by Narrow River. (The Benson Preserve also leads to this beach). We will have an interactive web at this site. Hikers are invited to add to the web or use the provided art materials to make their own art.  Journaling is also encouraged.   (parking is limited)

5.) Benson Preserve -This is Narrow River Land Trust property which abuts to the King Preserve. There is limited parking on Snuff Mill Road. It also leads to the beach on the Narrow River. It’s about a 1.7 m walk to the beach and back. (parking is limited)

6.) Academy Cove – behind the NK Free Library, Boone St.  This is a small, but lovely park behind the library. We wanted to draw attention to this town treasure. There are benches, rain gardens, a Lion Club memorial, lovely plantings and views.

7.) Blue Beach –  This is a true gem at the southwest tip of Quonset!  There’s ample parking, porta-potties, and a walk down a treelined path leads you to a beach with beautiful views of the Jamestown Bridge and Narragansett Bay. Follow signs from Circuit Drive.

8.) Smith’s Castle, 55 Richard Smith Dr. There are some exceptional, short trails west of The Castle.  Art will be hidden on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Meet the Artists:

    1. Belanger, Roberta
    2. Bianchi, Ann E.
    3. Burda, Gail Shawn
    4. DeCesare, Scarlett
    5. DiMauro, Dennis
    6. Fagnant, Mimi Huszer
    7. Ferrazzoli, Deb
    8. Gebhart, Alice Benvie
    9. Gelfman, Celia
    10. Grandpre, Lynn
    11. Grabowski, Gerry
    12. Higham, Rachael,
    13. Kennedy, Julie
    14. King, Linda
    15. Mazzone, Donna
    16. Pichette, Nicole
    17. Pitt, Pam
    18. Sabo, Deborah
    19. Silva, Bev
    20. Wyliie, Nancy